All relationships can be strengthened, and the awareness of this is essential to growing alongside your partner(s).

How I'm different:

I follow the Gottman Method of Couples’ Therapy, the most evidence-based relationship therapy available currently. This method is based on more than five decades of research and focusses on providing practical ways for relationships to have deeper connections, replace conflict patterns with positive interactions, increase intimacy and respect, repair past hurts, rebuild trust, recover from past harm (including infidelity), adjust through life transitions, increase sexual satisfaction, and create shared values and goals.

On top of following the best evidence-based practice, I focus on building open, clear, respectful therapeutic relationships.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I provide a uniquely LGBTQ+ aware service, meaning that relationships of all types and structures are welcomed, including non-monogamous relationships.

I have a specific interest in supporting people who have accessed fertility treatment or had challenges throughout their pathway to conception.

Currently accepting limited clients for ongoing couple's therapy across Ireland - all provided remotely! Please book in directly at

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