Patrice approaches support holistically, therefore looks at the bigger picture of the many variables that affect sleep. Patrice supports families with children from 0-6 years with all sleep related issues.

She is an attachment focussed, breastfeeding & realistic parenting advocate & does not support the use of any form of cry alone or cry out techniques. Patrice's main aim is empowering parents to create realistic goals in relation to sleep, optimise sleep, while respecting where their child is at & where they're at. There are no rods for you back with Patrice, she supports longterm co-sleeping, feeding to sleep, bed sharing & will support you in whatever ways you choose works for you. If you feel like changing what you're doing, she'll support that too in responsive, respectful ways.

Patrice works online & connects with families all over the world, allowing for time differences as best she can.

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