Lorraine here, otherwise known as Globebaby Doula.

I am a Fertility, Birth, Advanced VBAC, and Postpartum Doula, an Antenatal Instructor, a Breastfeeding Educator & Supporter, and a Perinatal Trauma Resolution Practitioner.

My own journey to parenthood brought me to this work after suffering from birth trauma and subsequently postpartum depression after my first daughter. I noticed how much parental support was lacking back then and began to blog about it, receiving quite the response which made me feel less alone and isolated, but also more aware of how much people needed more support and care.

I then suffered from postpartum anxiety after the birth of my second daughter and responded to this by joining Instagram where I met a plethora of parents who were going through the same, or similar, situations. I started to build the more gorgeous network and became more and more passionate about supporting parents and helping them to feel more confident and empowered on their journeys to parenthood.

I then found Doula training and became utterly addicted to everything to do with conception, pregnancy, labour and birth, the postpartum and postpartum mood disorders. From my own experience and from extensive research and chatting to other parents, I have trained in the areas I feel need the most attention currently and am committed to continuing my training and education in these areas and much more.

In all of my work, my main goal is to break down fears, encourage and help you to dig deep and truly believe in yourself and your abilities around everything related to reproduction, and to help you to feel more confident and empowered as you follow your path to transitioning to life as parents.

Through all of my support and workshops this is very evident as we journey together towards a more informed and positive experience for you. I am there for you from the moment you contact me, with compassion like no other and open arms, ready to catch you when you need me. I will hold your hand on your journey and I will always ensure your needs are met, and that you are feeling respected, and supported at all times.

I offer a range of workshops and support services from fertility and conception right through to trauma resolution in the postpartum.

Feel free to contact me any time. I welcome your call or message and will respond with a smile and encouraging words, always.

Lorraine x

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  • April 17, 2024 4:51 am local time

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