Category: Halloween

Oct 12
Spiced Pumpkin Seed Butter

Orla McAndrew, Zero Waste Caterer @orla_mcandrew_food has very kindly shared three…

Oct 12
Pumpkin Seed Pesto

Orla McAndrew is a Cork based Award Winning Caterer who shares fabulous tips for…

Aug 25
Halloween Events in Connacht

Halloween Events and Fun for all the Family in Connacht

Oct 30
Halloween Watermelon

The Puking Watermelon is up there as the most requested Halloween Activity / Food in…

Oct 30
Pin the Spider on the Web

We started playing this game last year and it was a major hit at our Halloween Party.…

Oct 29
Healthy Halloween Treats

The wonderful thing about parenthood is taking inspiration when we want, and choosing…

Oct 29
Ghost Hanging

We always love an activity that can be made using bits and pieces that you may already…

Oct 28
Halloween Treat – Made Easy!

Halloween is not about ‘Pinterest Perfect’ ideas or having to keep up with…

Oct 28
Halloween Bat Wand

Looking for a fun Halloween Activity that won’t cost much? Looking to make part…

Oct 27
Sleep Consultant Tips for Dealing with Scary Things at Halloween – Clock Changes and Costumes.

Kelly from Sleepy Stars is a qualified Maternity Nurse and is a member of the…

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