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‘In My Heart’ by Joe Witek and Christine Rousseau

“My heart is full of feelings.Big feelings and small feelings.Loud feelings and

“My heart is full of feelings.
Big feelings and small feelings.
Loud feelings and quiet feelings. Quick feelings and slow feelings.
My heart is like a house, with all these feelings living inside”

… Opening lines in this wonderful book ‘In My Heart’ written by Joe Witek and illustrated by Christine Rousseau. .
It’s a book the kids are drawn to lots of time, but we’re particularly reaching for it at the moment with all that’s going on.

Both adults and kids alike are experiencing big emotions and feelings and it is always good to be able to reach for a book that will help to open up the discussion of feelings and emotions.

Whether it’s to check in on our boy and how he’s feeling about his recent accident or to check if any stories about illness were spoken about in the school yard that might have upset our girl.

This is such a lovely book to connect with your kids and give the opportunity to chat about happiness, pride, upset, shyness and many more.

Not only is the message and the opportunity for discussion fantastic, the images are amazing… the heart cut outs are gorgeous and make it a really special book.

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