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‘Julian At The Wedding’ Written and Illustrated by Jessica Love

Can you even talk about books of Love without mentioning Julian?! This

Can you even talk about books of Love without mentioning Julian?!

This is @jesslovedraws second book with the incredible Julian (the first being Julian Is A Mermaid) and the message, illustration and sentiment is the exact same .. love yourself for who you are .. love others for who they are .. and always celebrate love!

This time when we meet Julian, he is with his cousin Marisol at a glorious wedding, a wedding which is ‘a party for love’

The incredible illustrations take centre place in sharing the message of love .. marry who you love, dress how you love and accept everyone for their choices.

Gender isn’t a set of steadfast rules. Love and acceptance takes over. Whether it’s about what you wear or who you marry .. love is what matters.

We absolutely adore Jessica Love’s books. Every house needs them in their collection! Whether buying it for yourselves or as a gift for another family, it is one to be treasured and celebrated.

Love is Love. Love is Acceptance.

Love and Acceptance of Yourself.

Love and Acceptance of Others.

Love and Acceptance Between All. 

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