Hi! I'm Karolina - short Karo !

I am Dublin based photographer and a mom of two wonderful boys. I am originally from Poland ,but I grew my roots here in Ireland. I could mention also that I am a coffee lover & a yoga freak – but it’s such a cliché… I don’t really like to talk about myself. I think that’s where the camera becomes handy- I am usually hidden behind. But this is not the only reason I started exploring photography. Many years ago, in my friend’s darkroom I observed the magic happen for the first time. The image coming to life. The moment frozen forever. We spent hours there. I couldn’t really grasp it and promised myself that one day I will learn. As a teenager I was photographing my friends, pets, some random stuff and my city busy street’s live. But my eyes have seen things the way I couldn’t really capture it yet. So I gave up…..and then started again…and gave up…Until the film era and darkroom times passed and I could put my hands on a digital camera. Firstly sceptical -with a strong sense that digital is for amateurs and only analogue camera + traditional developing methods can give you really high quality image. How I was wrong I’ve learned really soon. Through self education, following great photographers work, watching and reading about it and manically photographing my kids I found myself totally drowned in an idea of becoming a photographer. I found it possible. Since then I’ve been documenting childhood and later I found more and more clients and I have come to understanding that photography is not only an ability to find good light, set the correct exposure and all the technicalities. Photography is like storytelling and portraying something unspeakable. Often it’s about embracing the chaotic, messy, day-to-day life. It is not always perfect and it’s not posed and captured images bring emotions, wake memories and truly touch our soul. I want you to let me have a peek and grab some good moments of connection, joy & love but also some imperfect moments. The real and raw nature of parenthood and childhood frustrations. Home is often the epicentre of the storm but it is the heart of our family life.

If this is is something you look for and you think we would be a good fit – I’m your photographer.

"Crazy, exhausting, boring,

quiet, cosy, chaotic,

intense, happy, simple,

perfect, busy, wild,

strange, messy or loud…

whatever your everyday is -it tells a story,

let me in to capture it!"

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  • July 14, 2024 9:45 am local time

  • Ratna Pillai
    April 29, 2024 at 8:49 pm

    We love the newborn photoshoot done by Karolina. She is well experienced in handling the newborn and we absolutely enjoyed the time at her home studio. Our baby girl photo gallery is so adorable, we fall short of words to describe it. Karolina had a friendly environment created at her studio and we loved her dedication and skills. I highly recommend Karolina for the amazing work she does!! We look forward to do more photo shoots in the future.

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