Description is an online shop offering a wide range of baby sleeping bags, sleeping bags with feet for kids and adults, bath ponchos, pyjamas, bodysuits, bibs, and other accessories.

All our products are made from high-quality materials tested according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This ensures they are free of any harmful substances, making them ideal for sensitive baby skin.

Say goodbye to tangled blankets and restless sleep - our sleeping bags provide a secure and safe slumber all night long.

·        Did you know? Our sleeping bags are available up to age 10, and we even have versions for adults, so the whole family can enjoy them.

·        Versatile Comfort: Our sleeping bags with feet come in 1.0 TOG, 2.5 TOG, and 3.5 TOG, featuring fold-down feet covers and practical, detachable arms to keep your little one cosy and comfortable.

·        Summer Ready: For hot summer nights, we offer baby sleeping bags and sleeping bags with legs in 0.5 TOG, made from breathable muslin.

·        Quality Assurance: Our sleeping bags are TOG tested by Intertek to ensure the weight and safety of each bag, giving you peace of mind that your little one is at the optimal temperature.

·        Creative Designs: Every design tells its own story, brought to life by our talented designer, Vicky Battersby.

Exploring Different Types of Sleeping Bags
At Slumbersac, we offer two types of baby sleeping bags:

Standard Baby Sleeping Bag: Available in six sizes, these sleeping bags are suitable for newborns up to 10-year-olds. When selecting the appropriate size, make sure your baby has enough room to move and wiggle comfortably. Ideally, your baby's feet should fill about three-quarters of the sleeping bag, leaving the bottom quarter empty.

Sleeping Bag with Feet: If your baby doesn't take to standard sleeping bags, Slumbersac's sleeping bags with feet provide an excellent alternative. These are ideal for active toddlers learning to walk, allowing them the freedom to move while still enjoying the comfort of their sleeping bag at bedtime. Many toddlers prefer to have their feet uncovered at night, and these designs with feet & foldable feet covers cater to both preferences. These are available from 6 months and up.

And, we even do adult versions!

Why Slumbersac?

At Slumbersac, your baby's safety is our top priority. Our baby sleeping bags ensure a secure and comfortable night's sleep, reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) by preventing overheating and loose covers.

Key Benefits:

Stays in place, reducing suffocation risks.

Maintains constant body temperature, preventing sweating or freezing.

Makes turning to the prone position more difficult.

Choose Slumbersac for peace of mind and a safer, more comfortable sleep for your baby.

Why Sleeping Bags with Feet?

Sleeping bags with feet are a unique invention by Slumbersac, where you can find the original design.

If your child feels uncomfortable in a regular baby sleeping bag, our sleeping bags with feet are the perfect alternative. These innovative sleeping bags allow your child to sleep safely and comfortably while also being able to crawl, run, and play.

Many children prefer having their feet outside at night. Our sleeping bags with foldable cuffs provide this freedom while keeping their feet warm.

Anti-slip nubs on the soles ensure your child can walk safely without the risk of stumbling.

Why Sleeping Bags with Feet for Adults?

Our sleeping bags with feet are not just for children; they also cater to adults. These bags provide adults with more freedom of movement during sleep. Slip into our cosy sleeping bags in the evening, and you'll be well-wrapped and comfortable throughout the night. They are perfect for parents who may need to get up during the night, such as for breastfeeding. Simply open the zipper on the front, and you can breastfeed without needing to remove the sleeping bag.

Sleeping bags with feet for adults are ideal for quiet co-sleeping with your baby or toddler, as you won't need a blanket if both of you are wearing a cosy sleeping bag. They are also perfect for relaxing evenings at home, providing ultimate comfort while lounging on the sofa. Moreover, adult sleeping bags are indispensable for traveling, camping, or festivals. Teenagers also enjoy using them for sleepovers or when they prefer not to use a duvet.

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