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Nor studios @norstudios.ie is an online concept store for sustainable childrens clothes and shoes,

Nor studios @norstudios.ie is an online concept store for sustainable childrens clothes and shoes, focusing on organic cotton, linen and wool.

The lovely Diana is due to launch the store in Autumn 2019 and she is kindly sharing with us the reasons why she is so passionate about Organic Clothing.

Why choose organic clothing?

1. Best for skin

An infant’s skin is much more sensitive than ours. It is also more absorbent. 
Organic cotton is produced without toxic chemicals such as herbicides, insecticides and pesticides. Less toxins means less skin irritations and allergies.

By choosing organic clothing, we are limiting our children’s exposure to chemicals. 
Organic cotton is softer, hypoallergenic and lasts for a long time.

2. Best for farmers & workers

Organic cotton is better for the people who grow it, pick it and work with it as it also limit their exposure to chemicals, avoiding horrible respiratory deseases. .

3. Best for nature

Organic cotton farms are smaller and more diversified. This helps to reduce pests and keep the soil healthier.

By eliminating the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, the waterways and drinking water are cleaner.

🌿 Other small steps we can take towards sustainability is to keep our wardrobes minimal (buy only what you need), care for the clothes we already have by mending them and spot washing stains, and shop second hand when possible.

Thanks so much Diana for sharing your insights into clothing and it’s impact on ourselves and on the environment.

Can’t wait for your launch in Autumn! 

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