‘There’s a Rang-Tan in My Bedroom’ by James Sellick and Frann Preston-Gannon

OUR ENVIRONMENT is the theme chosen by our cohost Kim @bookbairn for this months #thekidsbookedit and we are absolutely loving it!

We wanted to add this fabulous book into the mix … .
‘There’s a Rang-Tan in My Bedroom’ was written and illustrated by James Sellick and Frann Preston-Gannon in collaboration with Greenpeace it is wonderful for so many reasons.

Through a child’s eyes, and through an orangutan’s eyes, we are brought into their worlds and we can see the positives and the negatives of humanity.

The negatives of what we are doing when palm oil is farmed in an unsustainable way ..

But the positives … what we can actually do to help … what we can actually do to stand up for these beautiful creatures.

And you will want to help after reading this book .. and you will want to follow the tips for writing letters of support .. because through gorgeous rhyme and illustration, the reality of the orangutans existence is brought from the pages of a book, right into you heart .. and you want to take action.

You want to protect the environment.. our home .. and their home.

There is also watch an animated version of this on @youtube with Emma Thompson narrating it… both sad and inspiring in equal measure .. but in Emma Thompson’s own words ..

“We can’t just feel sorry for these beautiful creatures. We need to try and make things better for them by speaking up and demanding change. It’s time to protect our beautiful planet”

*Published by Wren and Rook. Image our own.


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