Rabbityness by Jo Empson

Books have always been a huge part of our daily life … but never as important as they have been over the past few months as we come to terms with the loss of Mark’s beautiful sister.

We’ve drawn on many books, depending on the particular mood or line of questioning from our kids.

A book they were all drawn to for the first few weeks, when we were dealing with the initial shock and loss of someone special from their daily lives, was this gorgeous book… Rabbityness.

It’s the tale of a rabbit who likes doing all sorts of things .. rabbity and unrabbity things!

We hear and see how the other rabbits loved him and loved his happiness and creativity that filled their woods.

Sadness filled the woods when rabbit disappeared. The pain was deep and the pain was dark but the rabbits came to see the gifts that rabbit had left behind. Gifts that they could play, make and do … gifts that reminded them of rabbit. Gifts that made them happy.

This is such a wonderful book to help kids deal with the pain and sadness of loss, and help them to explore the idea of thinking of the memory of their loved one and what made them special to them. Memories and gifts that can become part of the now and part of the future.

A dear family friend gave us this book when we were in the initial depths of despair and it helped so, so much.

A wonderful book to introduce children to dealing with loss, and the loss of a loved one.


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