‘But Really … Adventures with a Difference, by David King and Jess de la Cour

You know a book is loved when little hands are stretched out

You know a book is loved when little hands are stretched out for it when you’re taking a photo!!

And when it’s never read just once .. always needs to be reread immediately!!

We’ve had it since Christmas, and the love is still going strong!

Some of you may recognise the cover of this book .. it is the wonderful story of Adam King (of @thelatelatetoyshow fame!) and his adventures in real life and his imagination, with his gorgeous family and friends.

The story beautifully shows us a snippet of what life is like for Adam with his additional needs… and his super-powered strength of character and imagination!

It shows us how he has some tricky situations to overcome, and how people and things help him to do that daily.

And boy does it show his strength to overcame those difficulties and how he makes it special while doing it!! His imagination enables him to tackle these tricky situations and helps him overcome them with the added help of his friends and family.

This book is incredibly empowering for any child and particularly for a child with additional needs, a child who accesses services and a child who spends time in hospital.

So empowering.. so inspiring.. such a celebration of children, their imaginations, abilities and their bubble of love and support around them.

From Grand Prix to Super Heroes, Royalty to Athletes, this is a story of a real boy who conquers the world, one show of strength after the other.

We absolutely adore it! A book that will be adored in every household.. and in the household where a child will see themselves reflected in the pages .. even more special .. and incredibly important.

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*More details about the wonderful work Adam and his family are doing can be found on their website http://www.adventureswithadifference.com/ and Instagram page @adventures_wad

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