‘What Wondrous Shapes We Are’ Written, Illustrated and Published by Ashwin Chacko

A book that celebrates love and acceptance of people of all shapes, sizes and colours is a book we can get right behind this Valentines .. and any time!

Ashwin used personal experiences that himself and his wife encountered due to appearance, and put them into a message to help children (and the adults reading it) to understand that we all deserve love, we all deserve to love ourselves just as we are.

Through really fun illustrations and lots of adjectives .. the message is very clear …

‘No matter what shape or colour you are .
A person is a person,
Wondrous from head to toe’

Love. Love. Love.

We met Ashwin at a recent @westcorkliteraryfestival and @kidsbooksirel Event hosted by the fabulous @sarahwebbwriter and we ordered this book instantly. And we were not disappointed.

Such a fun book.

Such a powerful book.

Thumbs up from us!

*Ashwin sells his book through his own website https://www.whackochacko.com/ and full details on his page @whackochacko


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