Written by Emer O’Neill, Illustrated by Debby Rahmalia and Published by Gill

Written by Emer O’Neill, Illustrated by Debby Rahmalia and Published by Gill Books.  

Childhood is a time when we form our first impressions of the world, begin to form opinions, outlooks and ideals and a time when our minds are open and eager to absorb information.

So what a wonderful opportunity we as adults have to show and share books that will imprint messages in our kids’ hearts and minds.

Messages of accepting differences in appearance and personalities.

Messages of accepting differences between ourselves and others.

Messages of accepting ourselves, and others, for who they truly are.

Messages of being kind to ourselves, and to others.

Messages of the importance and magic of uniqueness.

Messages that we hear in childhood, but the impact will be heard and felt throughout our adulthood … and have an amazing impact on the wider world.

This is such a book, with such a message.

A message delivered by Little Emer who goes through a journey of discovery … from wishing she could look like others to learning that we are all the same – but different. And life is better that way!

Our 4, 6 and 7 year olds adore this book with it’s gorgeous illustrations, as well as the story and the important message.

For your own home, school or a gift for others, we highly recommend this book.

*Thanks again to @gillbooks who kindly gifted it to us .

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