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Whether you’re on your first baby and building up your supply of

Whether you’re on your first baby and building up your supply of toys, looking to bring a gift to a friend’s house or whether it’s a gift from family to one of your little ones .. toys can be wonderful but they can also be a source of despair .. despair because toys and plastic tend to go hand in hand and lets be honest, who wants or needs much of that in their house??

@jiminy.ie was created to provide families with alternatives to this .. they have a beautifully curated range of eco friendly toys and crafts.

Sharon from @jiminy.ie explains the motivation behind their wonderful Irish business … “A plastic-free aisle in Smyths and every other toy store in Ireland: sound good? I’m Sharon, and I set-up @jiminy.ie to make that happen! We’re Ireland’s first eco-specialist toy distributor and also sell direct on www.jiminy.ie and at markets.

*90% of toys today are new plastic* Producing the petroleum to make the plastic emits huge quantities of carbon. And, once broken (often doesn’t take long), most plastic toys can’t be recycled.

*>80% of toys come from the Far East* where manufacturing is more polluting and more contamination-prone (in 2011 Greenpeace found toxic metals like lead in 32% of Chinese-made toys). And shipping from so far away emits lots more carbon.

Let’s invert those %s – let’s make biodegradable and locally-made the new normal for kids’ toys! We’ve found a gorgeous range of wooden puzzles, flexible 3D construction chips, shadow puppet theatres, board games, 3D colour-ins, paint, chalk, crayons, craft kits and more…all plastic-free and made in Europe!

You can help: tell a friend, and introduce us to your local toystore! And…wish us luck 😘”

Such a fantastic business! We’re going to tag any toy shop or toy stockists we can think of who might be interested in stocking @jiminy.ie We genuinely think it’s such a wonderful idea and the more we see alternatives as customers the better! 


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