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The topic of Parties is one that is discussed in all families

The topic of Parties is one that is discussed in all families … from figuring out how to cater for all the extra people,to trying to come up with creative ideas for party bags that don’t include plastic!! .
Well, two Irish moms were having similar discussions and issues and there their story began …. .

Roisin and I started talking about Planet Sustie (Sustie is short for ‘sustainable’!) this time last year as we have seven children between us and we were just sick of the plastic waste produced at children’s parties.  Neither of us have a business background but we felt strongly enough to take the chance to make a small difference. 

Most plates, cups, cutlery, party bags, and party bag fillers used at kids’ parties are made from single use plastics.  They are readily and conveniently available in supermarkets in lots of bright and attractive colours.  We decided to source and design compostable party-ware to help make children’s parties planet friendly, while still being budget and convenient.  All of our tableware products are 100% compostable and compliant with the EU regulations. With each order we include a complementary compostable refuse sack ready for you to fill and deposit in your brown composing bin.  The beauty of our tableware is therefore that everything, including the food waste, goes into your brown composting bin resulting in a zero waste party! 

Our website has a range of plates, cups, napkins, cutlery and related items in convenient packs of 10  to suit your needs.  We also supply colourful and unique wooden party bag fillers like pencils, notebooks and stamps.  We are constantly adding to our range of products, and this is done based on the feedback we receive from parents and other customers.  If you are heading to a play place for your child’s party, order beforehand and you will have everything you need in a convenient box.  While the children are playing you can prepare the party table easily and still have time for a coffee before the children hit the table!  We generally deliver within 1 – 2 days of the date of your order – so what are you waiting for?

We also supply schools and businesses so if you are organising an event at your school, Montessori or office, please get in touch and we will help you get everything you need for a zero waste party. 

Recently we have also worked with customers for hen parties, christenings and weddings.  Our heart-shaped palm leaf plates will be appearing on each table at a large wedding celebration next weekend!. 

We love feedback so please ask us anything and tell us what products you would like to see on our website. 

Claire x

** Thanks to the team at Planet Sustie for sharing their knowledge and imagery.

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