Weekday Lunches

Between playschool and school drop offs, after school activities and general day-to-day

Between playschool and school drop offs, after school activities and general day-to-day jobs, week day lunches need to be easily made and get the job done!

Weekends are more for leisurely market food type lunches where the more food and the more people the better!

Weekday .. not so much!

The older two will already have had a snack and lunch at their respective schools so it’s not like they’re completely starving either! .

We tend to very between two types of weekday lunches ….

🌿 Soup and Bread (@cullyandsully Chicken and Veg soup, @thehappypear Tomato, Red Pepper and Basil soup being two of the favourites .. and any mushroom soup!

🌿Lunch Plates (may have to patent that creative name!) They adore plates like this with a mix of different little bits. We use whatever we have so it’s always slightly different (ish!!) Some of the foods we include …
🍂Spelt bread / oat cakes / crackers / rice cakes / pitta bread with almond butter / hummus / pesto / butter
🍂 Cashew / Almond / Walnuts
🍂Dried Apricots / Dates .
🍂Goats Yogurt / Coconut Yogurt
🍂Cucumber / Cherry Tomatoes
🍂Fruit (depending on what we have) .. mango slices, apple slices,
banana (do in chunks or slices sometimes so they can dip in almond butter), blueberries, grapes (cut lengthwise not widthwise because the width is the chocking hazard), mandarin slices, pineapple chunks. .
🍂Occasionally we might add sesame sticks or @bearnibbles fruit rolls or claws

Think that’s about it!

There’s always interest in lunches we give to the kids at home so we thought it would be good to share an updated version!

*Image our own

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