‘All are Welcome’ by Alexandra Penfold and Suzanne Kaufman

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We have some lovely books that spread the message of the importance of inclusiveness so it took us a little while to choose one! But we have!!

We have ‘All Are Welcome’ since our eldest turned 5 last Summer and it is up there with the favourites. It came highly recommended from Dawn @myhighershelf so it shot up to the top of the wish list!!

It is written by Alexandra Penfold, illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman and published by @bloomsburypublishing … and what a book they have created.

Through beautiful rhyme and repetition of the key phrase ‘All Are Welcome Here’, it shows that no matter who you are, what you do, how you look, what you eat, where you live … all are welcome.

It showcases the wonder that schools and the wider community can be .. if we all come together for the shared cause, with the same message .. All are Welcome here.

You know it’s something special when it ends with …

“You have a place here
You have a space here,
You are welcome here.”

How powerful for children to give up hearing that .. and most importantly … BELIEVING it.

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