‘Animals ABC and 123’ by Johnny Lambert

It’s perfectly fine to love books because the cover is absolutely gorgeous and will look fabulous on the new shelves you’ve planned for your kids’ bedroom and playroom!!!

It’s even better when said books feel gorgeous because they are hardback and have lovely, smooth pages which the kids adore .. pages that flip up, out, across, all kinds of ways to reveal an extended elephant family or the pack of 5 running wolves…. all of which are so beautifully illustrated by Johnny Lambert.

It’s a total bonus when you as an adult learn one (or two!!) new animals because the author took care to make it an excellent reference book for animals… a reference book that the kids will have, and use, for a long time.

It’s then the perfect finishing touch when you flick to the last page of the Animal ABC and it explains phonetically how to pronounce the unknown animal name … the kids (😜😜) found that very useful!! .

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