Book Shop Day

It’s no secret that we are book lovers in this house! Nearly every corner of the house has a bundle, shelf or basket of books!

The majority of those books have been bought from beautiful independent stores. So not only are we getting gorgeous books, we also get to support some wonderful family businesses.

Today is #BookShopDay , which is a celebration of all these wonderful shops.

With that in mind, we thought it would be nice to share some of our favourites.. and we’d love to know any book shops you support, whether online or bricks and mortar!

Some of our faves include ..
@pucciniskenmare in Kenmare

@kerrsbookshop in Clonakilty

@myhighershelf Online

@tales_for_tadpoles Dublin

@dinglebookshop in Dingle

@woodbinebooksireland in Kildare

@halfwayupthestairsbookshop in Greystones

@bookspaperscissors in Belfast

Have we left out your favourite?! Would love to hear!

And a word of thanks to all the wonderful book shops … you truly are very special places.

*Image from Unsplash


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