Books Are Magic

We posted this picture on Stories a few months back .. it’s of @evachen212 and her daughter, Ren. We think it’s quite fitting for the day that’s in it, a day that’s celebrating the magic of books.

Whether it’s the magic of the characters and animals we meet in picture books through @benjidavies@donnellyillustration and @oliverjeffers … or whether we’re on sleepovers and climbing magic faraway trees with @enidblytonofficial… or whether we’re meeting witches and using magical powers with @roald_dahl … and all the other wonderful authors and illustrators in between and beyond … books are exactly that … they are magic.

And the magic isn’t just in the name of the author or the fame of the book.

The magic is in the enjoyment that the reader feels.

The magic of escaping into the story.

The magic of loving what you’re reading.

And that’s the most important place to start .. start with what you love .. start with what your kids love .. choose a book / topic that they love and let them feel and see that through the book.

So whether it’s talking pigs or dogs to the rescue, whether it’s storm whales or cheeky monkeys, whether it’s dragons in training or princesses on a mission …

.. Find what they love .. and the magic will follow.

*Image from Eva Chen’s Instagram Page


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