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The second week of our books in sections .. books with a

The second week of our books in sections .. books with a message. While it’s lovely to read a book with a sweet story .. there is something very special about a book that gives a child a little something extra .. a message .. a lesson .. something they can hear and take onboard when they’re in a safe and cozy environment.

‘She’s Not Good for a Girl, She’s Just Good’ is a wonderful book written by Suzanne Hemming @theachopsbooks and illustrated by Jacque Hughes. It teaches the extremely important lesson that’s in the title .. a lesson that is important for both girls and boys to hear.

‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ written by Giles Andreae and illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees has won awards for good reason .. a book that gives the message that we can all succeed and find happiness .. we just need to find our own ‘music’ .. our something .. that we love.

‘The Magic Moment’ written by Niall Breslin @bressie and illustrated by Sheena Dempsey @sheenadempsey introduces us to Freddy and his Magic Moment Trick .. something practical that kids can relate to and use to help them at a time when they may be feeling scared, nervous, sad or some other difficult emotion. As we have said before, kids can never have enough techniques to draw on or never hear the message enough that it’s ok to have all these feelings .. we all do 💕

Another book that emphasises the message about everyone having feelings is the appropriately named ‘Everyone’ written and illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal. It’s a very reassuring message for kids to hear that they are not alone in having these feelings .. the good .. the bad .. the in between .. we all have them .. we all share them.

‘What If?’, written and illustrated by an Irish lady Sarah Murphy, is a gorgeous, practical book that talks through various ‘What If’ questions and their answers ranging from safety ones such as ‘What if your football rolled onto the road?’ .. to the wonderful ‘What if you knew how super you are?’

‘Perfectly Norman’ by Tom Percival is an absolutely stunning book that tells the message of the importance and bravery in being you .. being yourself. 💕

Full reviews of the other books can be found here on the blog in the ‘Book’ section.


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