‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?’ by Bill Martin Jnr and Eric Carle

As kids’ books go, this is probably one of the more popular ones you’ll find … you’ll most likely see it in every library, preschool, crèche and primary school around the country! And for very good reason!


Written by Bill Martin Junior and illustrated by Eric Carle, ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ follows a beautifully simple pattern where each animal sees an animal who sees another in turn … and ending with the children.


It allows kids to learn types of animals and colour in such a lovely way … and the repetitive, song-song nature of the words make it a firm favourite for smallies.


We went through a stage in our house where this book was read every single night to our First Born … and this continued for months and months. She literally couldn’t get enough of it! She still loves it and substitutes family members, toys, dolls name (all sorts really!) for the animals so she’s indirectly learning pattern and how to change it.


An absolute classic that will have your kids wanting to hear it on repeat! And paint … lots of paint and colouring activities are inspired by this book!!


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