‘Flip Flap Dogs’ by Nikki Dyson

We’ve been decluttering our house recently and a major advantage of doing a big clear out of the kids books is … finding books that you had completely forgotten about! ‘Flip Flap Dogs’ by Nikki Dyson is one such book and what a fun book! It describes the manner and temperament of eleven types of popular dogs, and does so in a great rhyming way. (It’s actually very informative as an adult as well!)


The book then has been cleverly designed so the page is split in half, allowing the child (or you!!) to mix and match the bodies and temperament of the dogs … it even gives the name of the new breed of dog you’ve come up with!


Really great book … fantastic for dog lovers, makes a super gift and older kids really like it as well. We had a thirteen year old having great fun with it! We bought ours in @paviliongardencentre but you can also check out the publishers @nosycrowfor more stockists!


*Image our own