‘Grandpa Christmas’ by Michael Morpurgo and Jim Field

Words can’t express properly how beautiful, emotive and special this book is. Michael Morpurgo is an amazing author but he has created something extra special in this book, ‘Grandpa Christmas’. The words, the sentiment, the message are so beautifully told and the illustrations by Jim Field draw you into their little world, which again makes it extra special.


This book literally has us with lumps in our throats and tears in our eyes .. it has everything that Christmas is about .. family .. family past .. family present .. memories .. sentiment .. tradition .. love .. love for people .. love for animals .. love for the planet .. hope .. hope that we can do better .. wishes .. and more love ..


Honestly can’t explain enough how much we love this book.


If you love family and memories .. if you love the planet and want to protect it .. then you’ll love this book. .
If you can, try to get you hands on a copy of it .. it’s a special one .. a special story .. but a story based on truths.


*Image our own