‘How Many Sleeps Till My Birthday’ by Mark Sperring and Sébastian Braun

Excitement had been building in our house for the past few days

Excitement had been building in our house for the past few days .. it’s a special Baby Girl’s First Birthday! She has an older sister and brother who are extremely excited (parents are a little more emotional that their last baby is about to turn one .. already!!) and have wondered a few mornings if it’s now her birthday .. is this morning the party?! No .. not yet! .. No .. still not yet!!! So when we came across this book at the library on Saturday it was perfect!


‘How Many Sleeps Till My Birthday’ by Mark Sperring and Sebastian Braun tells the story about Little Pip who is eagerly counting down the sleeps to his birthday … resulting in an early wake-up call for a not so eager early-riser Daddy Grizzle!! The anticipation for the celebrations builds until it’s just one sleep left (which is where we were at earlier, so First Born in particular has gone off to sleep so excited for the final sleep before the big day tomorrow!) .
The story ends with Daddy Grizzle finally looking forward to and happily anticipating a lie in the following morning .. but another count down has begun! Think we can all relate to that!


We love finding books like this in the library … sweet story, funny elements that get a giggle from parents too, illustrations that leave room for lots of chat and discussion and best of all … a book that they really love and enjoy .. it’s been read countless times and we only have it since Saturday!


Definitely keep an eye out for this one in your local library, especially if you have a birthday coming up soon!



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