‘It’s Your World Now!’ by Barry Falls

Like quite a few houses at the moment, we’ve experienced the first

Like quite a few houses at the moment, we’ve experienced the first introduction to Primary School in the last few weeks … an hour where our First Born got to step over the threshold of a whole new world. A world that’s new for her .. and for us!

While we didn’t want to make any fuss of it for her, we did want to mark the occasion .. and we had just the book for it.

‘It’s Your World Now!’ written and illustrated by Barry Falls, is one of the most gorgeous books we’ve come across recently.

The illustrations are great with lots of lovely details and colours. But it’s the message .. the message is what makes this our new favourite.

The message of the potential that is within each child.

The message of life through some life lessons .. …one lesson that reflects on the wonder, awe and passion that is awaiting them ..

… another lesson that makes you, as an adult, reflect on how you speak to your child and gives some very sound advice!

…. and lastly, the most gorgeous, and most important, lesson of all .. the love you have for your child .. no matter what.

“Just remember,
As you go,
The single thing
You need to know.
The golden rule 
that bears repeating,
True as long as 
My heart’s beating.
From your head 
Down to your toe,
No matter what … I love you so!”

This is an absolute keeper.

**Image our own.

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