‘Katie and The Impressionists’ by James Mayhew

We wouldn’t usually buy a book and review it on the same day, so this is a very good sign of this beauty we got in @pucciniskenmare today.

‘Katie and the Impressionists’ by James Mayhew @katiespictureshow is one of an incredible series of books where a little girl Katie goes on adventures that she encounters once she steps inside famous paintings!

Not only do kids get to follow a lovely story that has adventure and fun at the core, in this story they also learn about art galleries, famous artists and various elements and techniques of painting .. having discussions with a 5, 4 and 2 year old about Impressionism is a new one for us!!

Such a gorgeous book .. and it goes without saying that the illustrations are beautiful!

And not only have we read it about six times since buying it this morning,
Monet also inspired our picnic dinner of rolls, cheese and strawberries!

We’re already excited to collect more in the series!

*Image our own


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