‘Leaf’ by Sandra Dieckmann

When a really talented illustrator recommends a children’s book to you because

When a really talented illustrator recommends a children’s book to you because of the stunning illustrations, then you know you have to order it .. straight away! This is exactly what happened when we met the fabulous Lily @petaltopetal at a ‘Meet The Makers’ Evening @bandoncraftcentre 

When ‘Leaf’, written and so beautifully illustrated by @sandradieckmann , arrived at our door, we knew we had received a book that we would love and Lily had been spot on by highly recommending it.

Leaf is one of those books that you immediately want to buy a second copy so that you can frame the pages! The illustrations are so stunning .. the colours, the details, the expressions on the animals’ faces, the landscape … all beautiful. It is easy to see that @sandradieckmann has a passion and love for nature.. the love is oozing from the pages.

And it’s not just the illustrations. It’s the story, or rather the message that’s contained in a simple story of a polar bear in unknown lands.

It’s the message of the impact of global warming on animals, it’s the message of loneliness, it’s the message of bravery, it’s the message about seeing beyond what might be and seeing it for what it really is .. life is not always what it seems.

And it’s the final message .. of the animals promising to tell the story so that no polar bear would ever get lost again … and this is a message we want our kids to hear .. all kids to hear… the polar bear deserves to be at home with this family .. all animals deserve to be at home with their family.

If you’ve an interest in children’s books, if you’ve an interest in stunning illustrations, if you’ve an interest in animals, our planet .. if you’ve an interest in our future .. then this is a book that is well worth checking it. .
It’s up there as a favourite .. an absolute favourite. 

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