‘Shh! We Have A Plan’ by Chris Haughton

‘Shh! We Have A Plan’ has only been in our house three days, but it’s already adored and being repeated and re-enacted endless times!

The humour and suspense you expect from Chris’s stories are there .. in abundance!

The imagery and use of colour is once again genius. He uses the one colour palette for the main characters and backdrop and the birds are given the glory of multi-colour this time! This allows the facial expressions and body language to really shine through which is wonderful.

The kids adore the repetition and the chance to get involved through the actions of shh!!, tip-toeing, counting, catching with a net, climbing, paddling and running away! It’s just fabulous!

If you are a preschool or primary school teacher, you’ve got to check this book out .. you will literally have the kids eating out of the palm of your hand!

Right, off to catch us some birds .. and maybe a squirrel! Shhhh!!!! 

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