‘The Bear and The Piano’ by David Litchfield

Best feeling ever when you go to one of your favourite independent book shops (Puccini’s in Kenmare) and they have the best book you’ve gotten for the kids in a long time … had never heard of this book before, but only two days in, and we are in love with it! The minute we opened it in fact and saw the illustrations, we knew it was going to be special … and a quick look at the story and we ourselves couldn’t wait to read it!


‘The Bear and the Piano’, written and illustrated by David Litchfield, tells the tale about a young bear in a woods who stumbles upon a ‘strange thing’ that makes loud banging noises. As the bear grows, so too does his ability on the ‘strange thing’ and the noise turns into something beautiful. A father and daughter lead him to fame and acclaim far from the forest but the bear returns there to discover something wonderful.


The story includes curiosity, trying new uncertain things, perseverance, success, sense and importance of home, friendships, love and following your dreams and your heart.


If you can’t tell already … we adore this book!! It will get pride of place on the bookshelf when we get home!


*Image our own