‘The Great Irish Weather Book’ by Joanna Donnelly and Fuchsia Macaree

‘The Great Irish Weather Book’, written by Joanna Donnelly and illustrated by @fuchsiamacaree , was added to our collection on Christmas Day. Books like this are fantastic to have because they appeal to, and can be used by, all ages .. from smallies up to oldies!

The book is divided into five sections and gives all the information you could want about weather in Ireland, but also about other parts of the world. This is the book that you reach for when your kids start asking those questions that you’re thinking ‘Ask Grandad’!! Or we do anyway! Grandad has all the answers in our family!

Books like this make great coffee table books and the illustrations are so fantastic that it looks great on a styled book shelf as well!

Love having books that the kids can enjoy now but will still be using in the future because it grows with them as they can absorb more information.

And lastly, it’s a large, hardback book which ensures longevity and makes for a fantastic present!

Great job Joanna, Fuchsia and @gillbooks

*Image our own


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