‘The Great Paper Caper’ by Oliver Jeffers

This week’s book, The Great Paper Caper, is written and illustrated by one of our all time favourite authors … Oliver Jeffers (He’s in our top 5 of who you’d invite to a dinner party, dead or alive – he’s an alive choice obviously!!!) So many families start their children’s book collection with an @oliverjeffers book, and for so many good reasons … his books are just amazing!


Our latest favourite of his is aimed towards a slightly older child (read it with an 8 yr old who thought it was super, our 3.5 yr old loves it, our 2 yr old loves the animals but the details of the story are a little lost on him – you can however get a board version of this book, called The Little Paper Caper and it’s aimed at the younger readers)


The story is about a group of animals who are trying to solve a mystery in their forest. Someone is committing a crime and we are beautifully taken through their journey of finding the culprit – who we can already see is the paper plane making bear who wants to win!


The language used is fantastic for developing older children’s vocabulary – but in a fun way so they just absorb it … always the best way! The illustrations on each page are so detailed and worthy of lots of chats … and hanging on your wall … they’re that amazing!


So, if you can’t tell already … we love Oliver Jeffers … we love all his books … and we are loving this book of his right now!!



*Image our own