The Secret Garden

This month’s cohost for The Kids’ Book Edit was Liz from @today_we_read and her chosen theme was Family.

As soon as Liz shared her theme with us, one book sprang to mind…the beauty that is ‘The Secret Garden’

This is more than just a book about a child who loses her family, has to move to stay with her extended family and forges a life changing relationship with her cousin.

It’s all of the above and more.

It’s the book that started my love affair with Historical Fiction (not that I knew it was that!!)

It’s the book that transports me back to that safe, cuddled, cozy space of reading in your bed at night as a child.

It’s the book that our children have held the Special @puffinbooksuk Classics Edition and known that it’s the book Mommy loved when she was little.

It’s the book that has now burst into their lives in the @puffinbooksuk retelling by Claire Freedman and so beautifully illustrated by Shaw Davidson.

It’s the book that takes Mary, and the reader, through so many ups and downs of family life, many family arrangements and many family situations.

It’s the story that will forever be cherished in our house.

It’s ‘The Secret Garden’


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