‘The Storm Whale in Winter’ by Benji Davies

Reading books that kids can relate to or books that are relevant

Reading books that kids can relate to or books that are relevant to something particular that’s happening in their lives is such a good way to help kids to enjoy reading and to help them feel involved.

It’s something we do with our kids so we weren’t surprised at all when the snow (the little bit that we got!) came and our boy wanted to read this book on repeat … ‘The Storm Whale in Winter’ by @benjidavies

This book is the follow-up to ‘The Storm Whale’ which we spoke about a few months back. It’s lovely to revisit the little boy Noi and his dad and the whale also returns, but this time it is his turn to help Noi. It’s a nice opportunity to chat about friendships and how at times it can be one friend helping and another time that friend may need the help.

The illustrations are just as beautiful in this book and each spread gives so much to chat about with your kids. They adore looking at the whales coming under the water by the boat and then as they clear the way through the ice to bring Noi back to safety.

A book like this is great to add to your own collection but also makes a gorgeous present.

We got the board book version of this one so it’s brilliant to pop into nappy bag / handbag if we’re heading out. All our kids, from the baby to the eldest (4.5yrs) love it!

Well done @benjidavies and thanks for letting us meet Noi, his dad and the whale again! 

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