‘Tree – Seasons Come, Seasons Go’ by Britta Teckentrup and Patricia Hegarty

No doubt about seasonal change here today!! Leaves are literally flying off

No doubt about seasonal change here today!! Leaves are literally flying off the trees in the wind!


We love to read books about seasons and seasons changing so we were delighted when we stumbled upon this gorgeous book recently in @eason_ireland .. ‘Tree .. Seasons Come, Season Go’ beautifully illustrated by Brittany Teckentrup and written by Patricia Hegarty. We have a few books about seasons already so we didn’t really need this book, but it is so beautifully done we had to buy it!!


All the illustrations are centred around a peek hole in the tree where the owl observes all the changes happening around .. you see the change in leaves, the animals that come and go throughout the year, the change in the surroundings during each season … it’s so simply done, yet it portrays so effectively how the landscape changes each season.


Our Small Man adores the owl peeking out and loves finding the animals that appear in extra cut outs as the season changes. First Born loves the rhyming pattern of the test and has already learned lots from it as the language is age appropriate yet very informative.


It’s also a great book for counting, sorting and playing ‘I Spy’. It also opens up the opportunity to chat about animals and their habitat,  hibernation, hedgrows and forests .. the opportunities are endless really!


If you come across this book in your local library or book shop, definitely pick it up and have a look. Guarantee you’ll want to take it home like we did!!


*Image our own.

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