Usborne: Peep Inside

After last week’s book recommendation, we had a few people message looking for other lift-the-flap books to check out.


There are so many great options to choose from, but the one we decided to choose for this week is the Usborne Peek Inside Series. We have The Jungle version and The Zoo and they are both fantastic. These books are particularly good for appealing to a wide age range. Generally speaking, lift-the-flap can be seen as books targeted at babies and younger children but the Peep Inside series dispels that idea.

Each page has beautiful, vibrant images of the animals in their habitat and there are multiple flaps to explore on each double spread. The books are also very informative about the various animals and this helps it to appeal to older children as well.

These books would make a great gift for someone and could definitely be enjoyed by siblings of various ages within a family.