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Apr 30

Written by Emer O’Neill, Illustrated by Debby Rahmalia and Published by Gill Books.…

Mar 23
Rabbityness by Jo Empson

Books have always been a huge part of our daily life … but never as important as…

Apr 18
Hidden World : Forest

Written by Libby Walden and Illustrated by Stephanie Fizer Coleman Anyone who knows…

Feb 13
‘Julian At The Wedding’ Written and Illustrated by Jessica Love

Can you even talk about books of Love without mentioning Julian?! This…

Feb 12
‘What Wondrous Shapes We Are’ Written, Illustrated and Published by Ashwin Chacko

A book that celebrates love and acceptance of people of all shapes, sizes and colours…

Feb 03
‘But Really … Adventures with a Difference, by David King and Jess de la Cour

You know a book is loved when little hands are stretched out for it when you’re taking…

Dec 20
Toddler, Humour and Irish Authors

CHRISTMAS BOOKSwith @deehollhan As a Behaviour Specialist supporting parents I…

Dec 02
Classic, Contemporary, Comedy and Cultural Christmas Book Selection!

CHRISTMAS BOOKS 🌟with @triona_earlyyearsinsights Christmas memories for me are…

Oct 28
Reading Tips for All

Reading tips to help families and children.

Oct 28
The Secret Garden

This month’s cohost for The Kids’ Book Edit was Liz from @today_we_read…